Amnesty International USA

Amnesty International a multinational Non-Profit focused on advocating for Human Rights sought to redesign their online advocacy/donation  forms and email aquisition templates. The goal was to increase conversion and provide a better mobile experience for collecting online payments.


Senior UX/UI Designer


Stakeholder/User Interviews
Clickable Prototypes
A/B Testing
Visual Design



The Challenge

The overall goal was also to increase conversion rates through a better user experience and fully responsive layouts. Amnesty International was also in the midst of redesigning their website so needed to work closely with the redesign team and in order to deliver an updated cohesive design solution.

The Solution

For the series of advocacy templates we developed a template that allowed for customization depending on the campaign. The top hero section would have a 50/50 split layout feature the story along with an eye catching emotional picture. This would immediately be followed by a module that could be customized depending on the type of advocacy campaign. Some campaigns would have an email letter that could be customized and an ask to send to an important figure. Others would have a call to share the message via social media and another to phone a friend. We developed two versions of this design one with a sticky form on the far right that was always present as the user scrolled through the story and another that was more of a traditional form living underneath a large top hero. Are testing resulted in an increased conversion for the layout that feature the sticky side form and that is ultimately the option that Amnesty International went with. For the donation form we also tested a single step donation form verse a multi step form. The multistep donation form out performed the single step drastically especially on mobile and tablet devices.

Advocacy Forms and Email Sign Up

Multistep Donation Form


A full response suite of advocacy, email, and donation forms powered by a CRM and seamlessly integrate into Amnesty International's new website. Conversion rates on the donation form increased by 72% after implementation of a multistep donation form. Sustainer monthly donations increased by 31%.